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Posted 04/23/2020 in Category 1 by Banyan Nation

Banyan Nation Raises $800K, Accelerates India's Waste Recycling

“Raj and I decided to give up our jobs in the US and return home to Hyderabad to create a business that changes the way India recycles plastics. 

Our goal is to become a trustworthy and responsible recycling partner who which offers recycled plastic at consistent quality, volume and prices through technology innovations, scientific rigor and ethical business practices,” said Mani Vajipey, Founder and CEO of Banyan. Banyan partnered with IIX, Shujog and KKR to receive the necessary financial, analytical and operational expertise to best position the business for third party investment. 

Members of IIX, Shujog and KKR conducted site visits and assessed Banyan’s business model and social impact. IIX and KKR supported the development and vetting of a business plan and financial model, and brainstormed economics and scalability. while Concurrently, the Shujog team conducted an impact assessment to help Banyan measure and monitor their social and environmental returns, and communicate these to investors.

Source: Youtube

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