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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Saint Lucia.

Climate Change

The Government of Saint Lucia (GOSL), as Party to Conventions or Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), is working assiduously towards strengthening the island's environmental information systems. 

Under the“Increase Saint Lucia’s Capacity to Monitor Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) Implementation and Sustainable Development Project”, the Department of Sustainable Development, as the Executing Agency, is facilitating the coordination of environmental information. 

The main output of this Global Environmental Facility (GEF)-funded project is the game-changing platform - National Environmental Information System (NEIS) - for the translation of data into useful and actionable information for enhanced environmental management.

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National Environmental Information System Saint Lucia

Eco Product

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St. Lucia Sea Moss

World Food Day

Commencing Monday, Oct. 11, the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development will be hosting several activities leading up to the observance of World Food Day (Oct. 16).World Food Day is observed annually to raise awareness of the issues surrounding poverty and hunger.  

This year’s observance will be held under the theme; “Our Actions Are Our Future – Better Production, Better Nutrition, A Better Environment and a Better Life”. 

The week-long program of activities to commemorate World Food Day is geared at increasing accessibility to healthy foods and alleviating hunger among the unfortunate. 

The Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development is receiving support from the Taiwanese Technical Mission and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in hosting the World Food Day 2021 week of activities.

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Saint Lucia World Food Day

Recycling Plastics

Meet RePlast Hero: Frank Flood of Recyclene Solutions; on the occasion of Earth Day, April 22, 2021

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Replast OECS

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