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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Armenia.

Eco Village

Hidden in the mountains of the Gegharkunik region of  Armenia, sits a village named Kalavan. 

It is like no other village in the country. 

Since the beginning of its development, Kalavan has been an ecovillage -  attracting tourists and scientists from around the world, who have come to discover its unique nature and archeological caves.

(Source: Youtube)

Armenia Travel

Public Transport

This is a documentary about the construction and renovation of Armenian roads.

The objective of the Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project for Armenia is to improve access of rural communities to markets and services through upgrading of selected lifeline roads, and to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Transport and Communication to manage the lifeline road network.

(Source: Youtube)

Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project

Water Management

Armenia is renewing its water system under its Water Supply and Wastewater Project, supported by the World Bank.   

Under the project, water treatment plants and pumping stations around the country are being renovated or rebuilt.  

It's a welcome relief for thousands of Armenians whose water system has been decrepit for years.

(Source: Youtube)

Water Supply and Wastewater Services Improvement Project

Plastic Recycling

The Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities (ISSD), an Armenia-based environmental organization, has succeeded in recycling and transforming plastic bottles into synthetic winterizers and threads. 

(Source: Youtube)

ISSD Ngo Website

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