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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Albania.

Wild Rivers

People are rising up to protect Europe’s largest wild river—the Vjosa. 

This waterway runs untamed from source to sea, embracing a mosaic of habitats and cultures that have been tied to it for thousands of years. 

Vjosa Forever chronicles the ongoing struggle to secure the future of this unique river system, from political uncertainty and opportunistic greed to the hope of creating a Vjosa National Park (the first of its kind in Europe). 

With an Albanian election in April of 2021, river-lovers, local citizens, and global conservationists fear that this “Queen of Europe" faces its greatest danger yet. 

At this historic moment, people everywhere have an obligation to speak for the Vjosa; to keep it running wild, forever. 

(Source: Youtube)

Vjosa National Park Now Campaign

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is helping to open up the beauty of Albania to its own citizens and the wider world, creating numerous opportunities for the local economy ‒ additional income, more business, and new jobs. 

It is also creating challenges, however. Local economies need proper infrastructure, including safer roads, as well as better education and training on sustainable tourism and environmental protection.

(Source: Youtube)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


UNIDO is promoting the increased use of biomass in the olive oil industry through technical assistance and demonstrated the use of modern bioenergy technologies, capacity building, and policy support in Albania. 

(Source: Youtube)

UN Industrial Development Org

Climate Change

Amidst the growing threat of Climate Change, Albania is busy finding new and cleaner sources of energy.

(Source: Youtube)

The World Bank

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