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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Argentina.

Organic Food

The country ranks second in area under organic production with more than 4 million hectares of land. The range of organic food provided by Argentina includes oils, sugar cane, meat, cereals, oilseeds, spices and herbs, fresh fruit, processed fruits and vegetables, flour, pulses, fruit juices, milk, honey, and wine. (Source: Organic Market)

Organic Market Website


Organic Products

Organic wool specialist Fuhrmann believes in the natural and sustainable way of life in the unique wilderness of Patagonia and wants to share this experience with like-minded people around the world. That is why Fuhrmann rears its sheep, grows, and processes wool in the most sustainable, animal-friendly, and organic way. Just how nature has intended it to be. (Source: Youtube)

GSchneider Website


Eco Housing

Wanting to feel connected to nature is not uncommon and a lot of modern and contemporary houses are designed to fulfill this desire. However, few designs take it as seriously as that of the MeMo House. This is a residence designed in 2016 by BAM! Arquitectura. It’s located in Buenos Aires, in Argentina and it only offers a total of 215 square meters of living space.

BAM Amarquitectura Website


Climate Change

The peatlands of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina are gigantic stores of carbon and water. The regulatory function benefits the global climate as well as a stable gletsjer runoff important for the whole of Argentina. (Source: Youtube)

Wetlands International Website

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