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A platform for sustainable and ecologically friendly businesses.

‘’The idea of Bookingbox originated when I was in my professional career. It was while I was working with IBM in the end of the life cycle of IT equipment. As I became involved with more people engaged in sustainability and ecology. I found that a platform for like-minded businesses with sustainability as its focus was missing. That is how bookingbox came into existence’’

- Peter Auwerx, Founder at Bookingbox

In a world where the consumer is ever-increasingly conscious about using products that are eco-friendly, we help these products to reach the people who are looking for them, by providing them a platform, content, and a greater reach.

 We aim to provide curated content of all possible formats from profiles, blogs, pictures, videos, and much more. Thus making it reach the right audience in the fastest way possible. 

Further, with the vision to have a global reach, we are going to create a series of country portals. Currently, a portfolio of around 100 country domain names for countries worldwide are waiting to be formed.

To get this ambitious plan which is going to need extensive hands-on data management and market research into action, we are in the process of collaborating with local universities as well as students worldwide. Along with these options we are also investigating the possibility to work with apprentices.

Currently, we have the central bookingbox.com site online, where we present 195 landing pages for countries worldwide. On the landing pages, we will present news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services for each country.

During the coming months, we will be visiting eco-friendly businesses in the UK, and continue to collect information about eco-friendly businesses worldwide.

The main question we ask during our search is:     

Are You Eco Friendly?

This is the central question that will bring forth a discussion about what is being done in this direction and how people & companies are moving forward to accommodate ecology and bring it out from textbooks to real life. Something that has been long overdue. Bringing these stories about people, businesses, products, and services in the form of blogs, pictures, and video thus empowering the eco-friendly business as they inevitably take the primary lead in the world economy.

There are a lot of people out there who care about the environment and would like to join our project to have a larger impact. Looking forward to this wonderful journey for a better future where we are able to marry Ecology and Economy and become truly responsible global citizens.

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