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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Mexico.


All of us can do something to heal our planet. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle means changing our habits —from recycling and reducing our waste to consuming more responsibly or using non-motorized transportation. 

(Source: Youtube)

UN Environment Programme

Eco Construction

A company in Mexico City is working to build vertical green spaces to combat pollution and create beauty.  

(Source: Youtube)

Verde Vertical


Working for DoGoodAsYouGo.org takes me to some amazing places. Lo De Marcos is no different! Beyond the COSTCO and WALMART there are communities that regaining putting balance back into their communities. 

They are doing this by making plans to create what they need...and focusing on quality, not profit. The number one goal of El Paraiso: To provide healthy food for the community, and it must be available for everyone. Tim and Liza have been doing this for the last 3 years. They have developed a 3 tier model of sustainability; Environmental, Social, and Economic. Each level must remain satisfied if the Organic Farm is to succeed. 

What they have seen is an incredible outpour from the community in volunteering. This has been vital in helping keep the prices low making products available for the whole community while the farm continues to grow. 

(Source: Youtube)

Organic Farm El Paraiso

Eco Product

Designers in Mexico have created a fridge that runs entirely on solar power. 

However, this refrigerator doesn't use solar panels. Instead, designers use the sun's heat to evaporate water and cool off a central storage container.

(Source: Youtube)

Solar Powered Fridge

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