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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in the Maldives.


“Maldivians have been living in these islands for more than 3000 years. We have a history. We have a culture. We even have our own language. Even though we are known to the world as the paradise on earth, we remain no more than just a dot on the globe. We continue to fight for survival against forces too powerful for us to control. To make sure we have a home. A home for our family. A home for our children. To ensure our existence and to make sure there is a future for generations yet to come”

(Source: Youtube)

Earth Org

Waste Management

The Greater Malé and its neighboring 32 outer islands in the Maldives suffer from severe environmental pollution and deteriorating livability due to inadequate collection and haphazard disposal of solid waste. The almost  850 tons of solid waste generated each day is dumped and burned on  Thilafushi island. This dumpsite has no pollution control measures contaminating the surrounding environment and poses public health and environmental hazards. The Greater Malé Waste-to-Energy Project will establish a sustainable solid waste treatment and disposal facility including an electricity surplus energy recovery facility.

(Source: Youtube)

Asian Development Bank

Climate Change

The seagrass meadows around the Maldives are under threat. 

But the government now plans to place this valuable ecosystem under protection. 

As well as serving as nurseries for sea life, they act as carbon sinks and protect the atolls from erosion.

(Source: Youtube)

Blue Marine Foundation

Renewable Energy

The Maldives has embarked on an energy transition journey, with a target of achieving Net Zero-emission by 2030. 

(Source: Youtube)

Environment Gov. Maldives

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