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Cradle to Cradle (Circular Economy)

Banyan Nation

Banyan Nation is changing the way India recycles, thinks about plastics, waste management and circular economy by harnessing the power of a largely informal

Hyderabad, Telangana, 500032, India 00918455245997

Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Through the  Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program , the Institute sets the global standard for products that are safe, circular and made

Oakland, California, 94612, United States 0014158167087

Ege Carpets

We want to leave the right footprint and make sustainability available to everyone. The Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard  helps us do exactly

Gram, 6510, Denmark 004597118811

EPEA GmbH – Part of Drees & Sommer

EPEA GmbH – Part of Drees & Sommer (formerly EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung, founded by Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart in 1987) aims to improve

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, 70569, Germany 0049404313490


The Cradle to Cradle approach defines and promotes the development of upcyclable products, which means that, unlike conventional recycling, it maintains the

Paris, Île-de-France, 75015, France 0033184604884

Peter Auwerx
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Expert IT Asset Management. Circular Economy. During the last couple of years the Circular Economy has become one of the most important fields in

Whittle-Le-Woods, England, PR6 7LT, United Kingdom 00447458381005