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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Sri Lanka.

Eco Village

Project: Evidence based advocacy for Low- Carbon, Pro-poor sustainable "Eco Village Development" (EVD) in South Asia.

Implemented by Integrated Development Association (IDEA)

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Eco-Village Development

Eco Product

Lalan’s quest is to build strong brands in each sector and further establish itself as a fully integrated trusted partner in the Global Market.LALAN ECO-LATEX is a wholly owned subsidiary of LALAN, set up to provide sustainable sleep solutions by promoting natural products that help maintain the Environment.

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Homegardens in Sri Lanka are among the oldest land use activity, next to shifting cultivation. 

The construction of a house and its surroundings, termed as “vasthu”, date back to a period of 6,000 years. 

Homegardens are defined as a sustainable land use system that combines agroforestry with livestock to yield a wide range of goods including fruits, vegetables, spices, medicine, timber, fodder and livestock products. 

In addition to providing food security and income generation opportunities, they also bring environmental benefits. 

Recently, they have been targeted as a specific policy to curb climate change under Sri Lanka's National REDD+ Investment Framework and Action Plan, a five-year environmental strategy (2018-2022).

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UN Environment

Plastic Polution

Plastic waste is now a HUGE problem in Sri Lanka. 

Not only is plast waste destroying our beautiful natural surroundings like beaches andwaterways but sadly, endangered species like wild elephants are eati our plastic waste and dying from intestinal congestion. 

Who’s real responsible for all this plastic waste?

 WE are. 

Let’s stop pointing finger and take accountability for our own actions. 

Avoid using single-u plastics as much as you can and be responsible about how you disposeof your waste.

(Source: Youtube)


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