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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Germany.

Eco Products

The German company Duesenfeld recycles batteries from electric cars. The main difference: The modules are shredded where the end-of-life batteries are collected. No hazardous transports of Lithium-Ion-cells. Furthermore 96 percent of a module is recycled through a hydrometallurgical process. This includes valuable materials like graphite, electrolyte, manganese, copper, aluminum, lithium, nickel and cobalt. Using these recycled materials would reduce the carbon footprint of new lithium-ion cell by up to 40 percent. (Source: Youtube)

Duesenfeld Website

Eco Tourism

The Black Forest fascinates visitors with its dense woodlands and deep lakes. Cuckoo clocks and traditional hats bear testimony to the region's sense of tradition. Tourists are almost magically drawn to its countryside and customs. (Source: Youtube)

Discover Germany Travel Guide

Eco Farming

Richard Perkins is a globally recognised leader in the field of Regenerative Agriculture and is the co-owner of Europe’s foremost example, Ridgedale Farm, Sweden. He is the author of the widely acclaimed manual Regenerative Agriculture, regarded as one of the most comprehensive books in the literature. (Source: Youtube)

Richard Perkins Website


The German Sustainable Building Council has developed its own global sustainability standard (the DGNB system) which focuses on the entire life cycle of a building project, from design to demolition, and places equal emphasis on the environment, people, and commercial viability. One of the buildings to be awarded the gold standard is Skaio in Heilbronn - a ten-story building made entirely from timber. (Source: Youtube)

World Green Building Council

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