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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Cambodia.

Eco Farming

Farmers in Cambodia have started to grow more vegetables to meet rising consumer demand, supported by innovations from a Horticulture Innovation Lab team led by UC Davis researchers. 

With help from Cambodia’s the Royal University of Agriculture, farmers adopted "net houses" to protect crops from pests without the use of chemical pesticides and also packinghouses to better sell their products and reduce postharvest losses.

(Source: Youtube)

Horticulture UCDavis Edu

Drinking Water

Meet Phon Deb and Mao Tara – two Cambodian residents from the village of Prey Porpel – amongst the 50 000 families who will see their lives change thanks to the new Bakheng water treatment plant, backed by the European Union and its bank the EIB. 

Overall, the project will provide clean water to 2.5 million people living in the countryside and cities.

(Source: Youtube)

European Investment Bank

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy expert, Karan Sehgal, talks about what IFAD is doing to promote renewable energy for smallholder farmers in Cambodia.

(Source: Youtube)

United Nations

Climate Change

With the onset of climate change, Cambodians are seeing changes in their environment. 

Temperatures are rising; the arrival of the monsoon is becoming less predictable; floods and droughts are increasing in frequency and severity. 

The impact on already-vulnerable rural households can be ruinous, destroying or reducing the yield of crops and household income, tipping some into unmanageable debt and poverty.

(Source: Youtube)

UNDP Climate Change Adaptation

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