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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Suriname.

Organic Farming

For five years farmers in the District of Saramacca have been involved in an initiative supported by the Global Environmental Facility/ Small Grants Programme and promoted by The Caribbean Institute, a community-based foundation that pursues promoting organic agriculture as an answer to land degradation and the use of persistent organic pollutants.

(Source: Youtube)

UN Suriname

Eco Community

This video describes the Amazon Conservation Team’s (ACT’s) support for efforts of the Matawai community of Suriname to sustainably produce and market pepper in order to generate supplemental income. The Matawai, and particularly the women of the community, have been producing peppers for their own use for generations. ACT has provided training in hygienic production, marketing, and upscaling their operations for wider distribution. 

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FOENG FOENG PEPE, Maroon Pepper Powder

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The Meliponini is one of many stingless bee species native to the south Suriname rainforest, but one of the most promising kinds in terms of honey production. The honey and propolis of these bees have many properties which are beneficial to our health. ACT Suriname works with the Indigenous communities of south Suriname to develop sustainable value chains for honey and propolis. These efforts are part of a much larger Sustainable Livelihood strategy aimed at supporting communities in their capacity to generate income in their communities while utilizing their cultural knowledge. Stingless bee honey has been used by the Indigenous people of Suriname for countless generations. With this project, the benefits of this unique honey can be shared with the world, while supporting the Indigenous communities to generate much-needed income.

(Source: Youtube)

Stingless Bee Honey Project

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