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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Djibouti.

Food Security

The adverse effects of drought and the increased vulnerability to climate change are high in all rural areas of Djibouti, but the two large, flat and semi-desertic plains of Petit Bara and Grand Bara are particularly exposed to drought. This project funded by the Adaptation Fund and implemented by the UNDP is helping communities gain sustainable access to secured water resources and develop and maintain date palm shade gardens for a diversified, climate-resilient agricultural and pastoral economy. As one of the outcomes of the project, 228 shade gardens will be developed. The project also includes a microfinancing scheme that will help households generate income and diversify the ways in which they earn money.

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Adaptation Fund Org

Oil Recycling

Marine pollution is caused by the illegal dumping of oil. A large number of ships pas the ports in Djibouti. Therefore Djibouti is idealy located to offer an oil recycling service.

The basic Djibouti Business model, run in two phases.1st Phase:  Acquire necessary permissions and start collection of slops and sale onsite.2nd Phase: Design, Build and operate a recycling facility in Djibouti.

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Djibouti Oil Recycling Plant


Tucked away in the Horn of Africa, Djibouti boasts lavish natural beauty. Yet the beauty is threatened by climate change and environmental damage brought by human activities. Actions are needed to protect this jewel of biodiversity.

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Lac Assal

Marine Protection

After watching this film you may wish to reconsider your holiday destination. ‘Djibouti’s Hidden Gem’ is its stunning coastal area and marine habitats, ‘It’s like a carnival of colour and life’ says local dive tour operator, Sonja Karjalainen.  But this pristine environment faces threats from vast onshore infrastructure projects. IGAD’s partners in the field know what’s at stake; their comprehensive Marine Management Plan sets out in detail the country’s priceless assets lying under the sea.

(Source: Youtube)

Scuba Diving Djibouti

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