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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Finland.

Waste Management

This video is about waste management in Finland: what are our laws, principles, and innovations that have guided us towards a cleaner and safer environment. 

The video was produced under the EU Life Circwaste project led by the Finnish Environment Institute.

(Source: Youtube)

Circwaste Finland


Take a Sustainability Pledge to be like a Finn.

 Respect, treasure, enjoy, love. Use these words as your mantra when you are in Finland and you will enrich your visit and help to preserve this beautiful country. 

Finland’s untouched and pristine nature is at the core of Finnish life and its sanctity is paramount. 

Living sustainably and in harmony with the environment is deep-rooted here and is an essential element of responsible travel. 

This includes not only a respect for nature and wildlife, but also people and their age-old customs.

(Source: Youtube)

Visit Finland

Slow Fashion

This research-based film explores how clothing designers and seamstresses in the Kallio neighborhood of Helsinki understand and practice sustainable fashion. 

It discusses contradictions of the concept of sustainability and emphasizes that sustainability should include responsibility towards nature and also towards people, including the designers and seamstresses themselves, who experience precarity because of tension between sustainability and profitability of their micro-enterprises.

(Source: Youtube)

IVALO Sustainable Fashion

Eco Solutions

Finland promotes clean sustainable energy solutions in a spirit of openness and co-creation. 

See how we do it.

(Source: Youtube)

Business Finland

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