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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Congo (DRC).

Congo Farmer Trust

In 2017 ECI is launching the Congo Farmer Trust to support the incredible ingenuity of Congolese farmers and help them harness the untapped potential of Congolese agriculture. The Congo Farmer Trust will help farmers access international markets and attract new, sustainable investment into the region.

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Eastern Congo Initiative


The river that swallows all rivers - this is what the natives call it. In reality, the Congo, when considering its water masses, is the second-largest and the deepest river in the world. At its source in the north of Zambia, it starts out as a mere trickle, but on its journey westwards it grows and grows, becoming ever mightier and with it, the animals, too: the shoebill stork hides in the dense papyrus. Meter-long pythons hunt for their prey in trees and huge hippos fight for power and respect in the water. To survive in the Congo, animals have to adapt to extreme conditions. Here, evolution has spawned unique creatures: fish with lungs, wings, and those that go hunting on land. The Congo River feeds the second largest rainforest on earth. Here is the home of the forest elephant. Time and again, they are summoned to this one, magic place: the Dzanga Bay. Countless other forest dwellers join them. What makes this place so special?

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Eco Tourism

In addition to the dark history of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Tanganyika province, it is also one of the last remaining areas in the world where wildlife populations are facing numerous threats. Situated in the Southeastern, the Kabobo Massif consists of sub-montane and montane rainforest on the escarpment to the west of Lake Tanganyika. 

Oluokos Signature, a Kenyan founded responsible company aims to create a sustainable ecotourism environment through working with communities to conserve and utilize the natural resources responsibly in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Tanganyika province.

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Oluokos Signature

Fish Farming

Helena Fatuma is the president of a local women’s association in Yanonge, which produces fish in small ponds to supply the local market. Due to overfishing in the Congo River, there is a pressing need for sustainable animal protein alternatives to feed the growing local population – a trend that the group of women identified and are trying to address. In 2019, they were selected by CIFOR-ICRAF to receive training on improved fish farming techniques and financial skills. Fatuma’s association is one of more than 60 small enterprises in the Yangambi landscape currently receiving support to develop sustainable businesses.

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