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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Angola.

Eco Farming

Agriculture is already big business in Angola but has the potential to become much bigger. 

The country offers excellent conditions for many crops, with fertile soils, abundant water, and a favorable climate.

(Source: Youtube)

Bloomberg Media


Cycling 2800 KM in Angola in February and March 2014, the most positive surprise among my whole Trans-African journey. 

This video features the 12-hour chata trip around the Congo river mouth between Cabinda and Soyo, the sand road until N'zeto, the new roads in the mountains of Quibaxe and Golungo Alto, the non-existent roads and dugout canoe passages in the Landos around Kixinge and Longanhia, the mountain roads around Uku-Seles, Lubango, its carnival, Christo-rei and Tundavala, the Serra-da-Leba road, the last rains of the rainy season in the Cunene province around Otchinjau, and some big caterpillars.

(Source: Youtube)



Charcoal production is damaging the ancient Miombo Woodlands, causing losses in biodiversity and job opportunities. 

To change this, Angola is working towards a sustainable charcoal sector to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution, and create jobs.

UN Development Programme

Climate Change

The big changes that threaten coastal Angolans' fishing economy and traditional lifestyle stem from just a few degrees of average temperature change.

(Source: Youtube)

Washington Post

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