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 Bookingbox Angola

Welcome to the landing page for Bookingbox Angola.

This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Angola.

Eco Farming

Business Angola takes a look at how one farm has managed to boom during a health crisis and is already looking to expand its fruit crop exports within just a few months.

(Source: Youtube)

Novagrolider Website


Rich cultural experiences, exceptional encounters, and marvelous scenery are just waiting to be discovered in Angola. 

With desert, coastal roads, beaches, and wetlands it has something for everyone. Explore some of its top destinations.

(Source: Youtube)

Pure Authentic Tourism


Charcoal production is damaging the ancient Miombo Woodlands, causing losses in biodiversity and job opportunities. 

To change this, Angola is working towards a sustainable charcoal sector to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution, and create jobs.

UN Development Programme

Climate Change

The big changes that threaten coastal Angolans' fishing economy and traditional lifestyle stem from just a few degrees of average temperature change.

(Source: Youtube)

Washington Post

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