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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Peru.


Did you know that the potato comes from Peru? 

The humble crop was cultivated during the Inca Empire and for thousands of years before. 

In the 1500s when Spanish conquistadors arrived, they encountered the potato and brought it to Europe. 

Today it’s grown almost everywhere and is considered a top food staple along with rice, corn, and wheat.

(Source: Youtube)

El Parque de la Papa


We're planting Polylepis trees in our Andes reforestation project! 

We decided to send a message to all the world. 

Telling them what we can do in a single day.

That day we planted more than 57 thousand trees. 

Working all together, protecting and saving all this High Andes Ecosystem!

(Source: Youtube)

One Tree Planted

Climate Change

The Andes, which runs through seven countries in Latin America, plays a crucial part in providing water to over 95 million people. 

In Peru, communities question what the future will be like, as glaciers diminish with each passing year. 

In this video, we climb the Peruvian Andes mountains to record the impacts of climate change on the lives of those dealing with these daily challenges. 

Courtesy of Explore Mídia.

(Source: Youtube)

United Nations Climate Action

Harvesting Water

Power Hackers, a series made in collaboration with Autodesk, profiles unexpected makers and designers who are developing creative climate solutions. 

Water trucked into low-income communities on the arid hills outside Lima is both costly and energy inefficient. 

Nylon nets and some lo-tech ingenuity use an abundant local resource to hack a solution.

(Source: Youtube)

Makeshift Facebook Page

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