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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Morocco.

Eco Farming

Visiting a permaculture farm in the Sahara desert. Learning more about agriculture and permaculture farming in the desert of Morocco. 

What do you know about permaculture in the desert? Can you make the desert green? You would think it is impossible to grow healthy and colourful vegetables in the Sahara desert without any pesticides.   

Indeed, it may sound impossible in these harsh conditions - the wind, the sand, the lifeless soil, the heat, the absence of infrastructure (we can go on listing various hazards). 

But look at this farm at the Gates to Sahara. This is Domaine Nzaha, where Wissal and Amine Ben Moussa decided to show with their own example that there is no region that cannot be rehabilitated. 

(Source: Youtube)

Domaine Nzaha

Plastic Pollution

The #BluePanda was in Tangier, the city straddling between two continents, Europe and Africa, and where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.Morocco is one of the largest sources (after Egypt and Turkey) of dumping untreated plastic waste into open sites each year. These uncontrolled sites have a high risk of leakage into nature and the sea. That's why we had 4 days here where we met citizens, local authorities, restaurants, hotels, and kids & invited them to join our fight against plastic pollution.

(Source: Youtube)


Drinking Water

The video shows the positive effects of the world's largest fog collector system built by the WaterFoundation in Morocco to supply the locals with clean water. The harvesting of clouds and fog has become an increasingly important technology in the worldwide search for new sources of drinking water. For over ten years, the WaterFoundation has been exploring the use of fog-collectors, supporting the work of the Munich industrial designer Peter Trautwein* in developing an entirely new type of collector.The CloudFisher is the first production fog net capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 120 kph. It is quickly and easily assembled, consumes no energy, and requires very little maintenance. All the materials used are food-safe. The highly efficient CloudFisher system can supply people in many countries with cheap and clean drinking water. The water obtained in this way can also be used in farming and stockbreeding, in reforestation projects, or in industry.

(Source: Youtube)

Water Foundation

Renewable Energy

Bio-energy can immensely contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Think about it yourself - the less fossil fuels are used, the more healthy and green place we live in. 

A non-polluting energy source that can supply you with gas for free? That is a dream for every farmer nowadays. And Fatima Zahra from Biodome is making those dreams come true for Moroccan farmers. 

Her inventions are spread across Morocco - a great role model for young Moroccan inventors.

(Source: Youtube)

Biodome Morocco

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