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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Namibia.

Eco Tourism

Through ecotourism, we can go a long way towards preserving the environment, protecting the wildlife and promoting growth of the Namibian economy and ecology, all while having the experience of a lifetime! Visit Namibia!!

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Sustainable Tourism

Rewilding Projects

This week we are very excited to launch our first rewilding vote outside of Europe! 

Our partners Oana are working in a remote location in southern Namibia, close to the border with South Africa. It is drastically different from our usual project areas, with desert and shrubland habitats. 

Together with our partners, we have put together three amazing projects to help transform this area of old farmland into a rewilded environment.

Mossy Earth Projects


Ocean of Sand - The Namib Desert | Free Nature Documentary 

As if it were an ocean of golden sand, the Namib covers a large part of Namibia. It is the only desert on earth which reaches the ocean. The Namib seems to be inhospitable but this impression deceives. The desert is home to the side winder snake the endemic Namib desert beetle and the desert elephants. The Namib desert beetle for example uses the moisture of the clouds that drive inland from the sea. At the peak of the sand dunes he waits until the humidity condenses at his body. But this makes himself an attractive water supply for his enemies. The desert elephants are not only equipped with bigger ears than other elephants. They also walk on bigger feet to avoid sinking into the soft sand. The leading cow of the herd uses the oversized sensible feet to feel the vibrations of flowing water underneath the surface. 

(Source: Youtube)

One Earth

Conservation Agriculture

This video gives an introduction to Namibia's experiences with Conservation Agriculture (CA). lt shows small-scale farmers' experiences from Namibia's Northern Communal Areas as they try CA for the very first time during the 2016-17 cropping season. Conservation agriculture is a promising method for adapting agriculture to climate change. CA is based on three principles: no/minimum soil tillage, crop rotation using a variety of crops, and permanent soil cover with vegetation or plant residues. This makes it possible to increase soil fertility and improve water use efficiency. The activities are funded by the German government and the European Union, and are implemented by Namibia's Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry, GlZ, FAO and others.

(Source: Youtube)


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