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We offer Advertising Banners (Leaderboard 728 x 90) on all our 195 Country Landing Pages  If you are interested to advertise on one or more of these Country Landing Pages, you can book your Advert Space by clicking on the banner(s) on the Country Landing Page(s) of your choice, fill in your details & pay the fee(s) per month or per year.

You will receive a confirmation email on the email address you entered in your contact details, with instructions about how to deliver the banner and the link, that has to be placed on your booking.

Placing of the banner online should be finished max. 7 days after receiving your banner & link.

We reserve the right to refuse banners & links for products or services, that are not in line with the aim of our website, could be offensive, or contain inappropriate images or text. In this case, you will be informed by email, and the fee(s) will be returned.