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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Samoa.

Eco Product

Samoa Green Products are on a mission to lead the scene and go green. 

They've become the first company in the South Pacific to produce plates and utensils from palm leaves and other natural resources found in almost every backyard in Samoa.

(Source: Youtube)

Samoa Green Products Ltd

Eco Farming

Keyhole Gardening was founded in Africa and used for crops and plants in areas where they couldn't get enough water.  

Saia trialled it in Tokelau after being told it was hard to grow crops there due to the seawater content in the soil.

(Source: Youtube)

Keyhole Gardening


In a small island country with a developing infrastructure, accessing markets in urban areas and ensure daily income for farmers can be challenging. 

New e-commerce platforms, combined with delivery services, are providing farmers with access to new markets. 

Learning how to trade online and take up other digital tools elevate small-scale agricultural producers to a new level. 

In Samoa, one locally developed e-commerce tool is helping the informal sector grow through timely provision of information and geo-location of products, enables a digital payment system and offers transportation service options. 

(Source: Youtube)

SIDS Solutions Platform

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