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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in India.


Eco Product

Meet Zuzana Gombosova and Susmith CS, the revolutionary thinkers who are bridging the gap between fashion and sustainability with a brilliant innovation. (Source: Youtube)

Malai Vegan Leather


Eco-Friendly House

LoremRecently we decided to construct a home... Being an environmentalist, I always use to think of a lifestyle base ethical concern... I was thinking of a house in tune with nature.

Amazing Eco-Friendly House ...

 Amazing Architecture...

(Source: Youtube)

FAQs about this Eco-Friendly Home


Organic Farm

Farmer and musician Krishna McKenzie runs a six-acre permaculture farm in Tamil Nadu’s Auroville. He grows around 150 varieties of plants using natural farming techniques. 

Many of them are local and edible wild plants, considered to be ‘super-foods with medicinal properties.A permaculture farm has different layers of vegetation and a diverse range of crops. This biodiversity provides nutritional security and a climate-resilient farming system.McKenzie said his farming practices are inspired by those of Japan's Zen master farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, famous for his experiments with natural farming techniques.A healthy soil is the first requirement of natural farming, according to McKenzie. One of the sustainable farming practices used by him includes non-tillage, in which soil is not distributed by the process of tilling. (Source: Youtube)

Solitude Farm


Climate Change

German startup founder Fridtjof Detzner travels across India, a country already grappling with global warming. 

In response, more and more entrepreneurs there are coming up with visionary ideas to fight climate change before it’s too late. 

(Source: Youtube)

Kheyti Greenhouse-In-A-Box


Waste Management

Let’s Recycle - NEPRA is a unique waste management services company in India. 

They strategize to bring in environmental solutions that can help the communities and organizations to become sustainable.

(Source: Youtube)

Nepra Waste Management

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