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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Somalia.


Dr. Howard is an independent consultant on international development issues with a focus on agricultural development and youth employment.

She serves as senior adviser for several organizations working on international development and food security. 

Dr. Howard has carried out several researches in Somalia, Zambia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Uganda. 

In this short clip, she highlights the 3 game changers of Somalia's Agriculture Sector. 

(Source: Youtube)

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Drinking Water

With one eye out for wild animals and strangers, Amira would leave her home just after sunrise to walk to a distant water source for her family. 

Extreme hardship caused by years of war and drought has been made even worse by climate change for Amira’s pastoral community in Somalia. 

See how a well build by Mercy-USA for Aid and Development has changed the life of Amira. 

(Source: Youtube)


Waste Management

ECCO is a Somali startup transforming Somalia's waste-management industry.

(Source: Youtube)

Ecco Environmental Cleaning Company

Climate Change

This is a fascinating and well-done documentary that explores current environmental issues here in Somalia. 

Deforestation, soil erosion, droughts, food shortage, and lack of water are posing an enormous challenge to local communities, the ecosystem, and biodiversity. 

As climate change continues to change at an unprecedented pace, these problems are only set to get worse. 

But we can mitigate these problems by creating climate-appropriate planting schemes that are suited to arid conditions. 

(Source: Youtube)

Dry Land Solutions Org

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