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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in El Salvador.

Eco Farming

This testimony shows how, by saving and exchanging his seeds, a small farmer in El Salvador preserves biodiversity and contributes to fighting hunger. 

Communities of Bajo Lempa in El Salvador declared in 2013 their intention to focus on agroecology including protecting local seeds, defending the soil and preserving water sources. 

Credit: Friends of the Earth International/ Jason Taylor

(Source: Youtube)

Friends of the Earth International

Organic Food

Hear first-hand from our producers in El Salvador why organic is so important in coffee.

 It's about our farmers' health, preserving our environment, and respecting our bodies.

(Source: Youtube)

Mayorga Organics

Water Supply

LLA LIBERTAD, El Salvador. 

As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall, hundreds of families in rural communities in El Salvador are standing together to gain access to drinking water. 

The Salvadoran state fails to fulfill its responsibility to provide the resource to the entire population, and the families, faced with the lack of service in the countryside, have organized in “Juntas de Agua”: rural water boards that are community associations that on their own manage to drill a well and build a tank and the rest of the system.

(Source: Youtube)


Climate Change

In El Salvador, climate change is making life more difficult for people living in poverty.

The mangrove forest, which local people rely on for food, income and survival, is being destroyed.

(Source: Youtube)


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