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Organic Veg Boxes from Boxed Green

Boxed Green provides a home delivery service of 100% organic, fresh and nutritious fruit and vegetables across Bolton, Bury, Salford, and Trafford.

We provide seasonal, organic boxes delivered to your doorstep. The boxes include cooking staples, for example, potatoes and carrots and fruit bowl favourites of apples and pears and little specialities that you may have never tried or even heard of. Our boxes come in three sizes, so no matter what your culinary expectations are, there is a box to suit all!

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Amazon Books & Eco-Friendly Products

We are presenting our selection of Amazon books and eco-products on our 195 landing pages for countries worldwide. 

The selection of books and eco-products has been time-consuming, but we are happy with the result. Between the videos on the landing pages, you will see sets of selected product pictures, related to the video. When you click on the pictures you will open the product page, where you can order. 

Check out our selection and contact us if you have eco-products for sale.

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Are You Eco-Friendly?

We call on all followers and visitors of bookingbox.com to send us names of eco-friendly businesses we should include in our directory. We aim to become the most complete info source of eco-related products and services worldwide.

At this moment we present more than 1,000 eco-related products and services, but there is more out there that should be presented on bookingbox.com .

If you check out all the categories on our website, you will see that we present a wide range, from eco-farming all the way to IT services.

The thousands of visitors that visit our website every month could be looking for the products or services from your area.

We need a bit of help from our friends to cover our servers and expenses

If you like our website, you can support us with a £5.00/mnd  Eco Starter membership. 

Would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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