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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Honduras.

Eco Product

Proyecto Mirador Dos por Tres cookstoves provide health benefits, wood savings and improve family economics.  And, users love them!

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Proyecto Mirador

Eco System

Honduras, in Central America is home to some eight million people. 

Agriculture is the main source of income for many families. 

The country is also highly susceptible to adverse natural events such as hurricanes and droughts.

Measures to mitigate the impact of these shocks are focused on strengthening the adaptation capacity of households. 

Lempira and El Paraíso are two departments where a success story of sustainable agriculture is in place. 

The Quesungual system – which has received strong community backing – has increased food production and stabilized food security. 

It has helped rehabilitate entire agro-ecosystems and stem soil erosion.

(Source: Youtube)


Water Management

Juan and Miriam are smallholder farmers in Honduras' Dry Corridor, where prolonged drought make it difficult to sustain their crops year-round. 

With support from a program called the Dry Corridor Alliance - PROSASUR, Juan and Miriam have been introduced to water harvesting systems, irrigation and other tools and practices that will help them be more resilient in the face of climate extremes and other challenges.

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Creative Associates International

Climate Change

Farmers in Central America are being displaced because of climate change.

 CGTN's Franc Contreras meets environmental activist Bety Vasquez Rivera, who lives in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, where fruit trees have been replaced by sand. 

The area is still recovering from devastation by two hurricanes in November, 2020.

(Source: Youtube)


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