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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Algeria.


Eco Farming

In Algeria, olive growing is present in two regions, Sig and Bejaia. 190,000 hectares are devoted to this fruit growing, which represents about 45% of the total area devoted to fruit trees. Almost all the Mediterranean countries are olive oil producers and exporters. (Source medmem.eu)

Mediterranean Memory Website

Eco Housing

Algeria produces around 16 million tons of waste per year. And while the country is looking for ways to reduce that, one community has completely freed itself of debris. Instead of waiting for green governmental reforms, it took the initiative and launched a sustainable city project that preserves the region's ecosystem. Laila Humaira has more. (Source: Youtube)

TRT World Website

Eco Tourism

Tourism in Algeria might not be very popular; unlike its neighbors, Algeria is a country with limited tourism in spite of its huge potential, its extraordinary Saharan region, and stunning coastlines.

Discover the beauty of the desert, the unique landscapes, the hidden oasis...

Tinariwen Website

Climate Change

Some Algerians continue the tradition of their ancestors, who were ambulant herders. For their animals to graze, nomads need significant amounts of water from lakes or wadis. On the steppes of Djelfa, water scarcity is one of many reasons nomadic populations are slowly evolving to more sedentary lifestyles. (Source: Youtube)

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