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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Estonia.

Eco Spa

Projekt Kodu is an eco spa and retreat in the middle of Estonia's Lahemaa National Park. 

We went to try out their sauna and find out more about the story behind it.

(Source: Youtube) 

Project KODU

Organic Farming

Summary of the key success factors involved in Estonia's upscaling of organic agriculture. 

The recording was filmed as part of the ENRD's Thematic Group work on the European Green Deal. 

It features Karin Zereen, Chief Specialist in the Plant Health Department at the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs.

(Source: Youtube)

European Network For Rural Development

Eco Product

Estonian Cell. An ecofriendly pulp mill.

We produce high quality pulp, that can be turned into a variety of paper products.

Estonian Cell is uncompromising in its championing of the environment.

Estonian Cell predominantly uses local sources aspen wood, commonly considered a low value material in the forestry industry.

Before the pulp mill was build, aspen was left to decay in the forest.

Estonian Cell has found an ecofriendly solution.

(Source: Youtube)

Estonian Cell

Carbon Footprint

Inspirational transformation of Estonian Energy sector. 

Estonia has decreased CO2 footprint 72% compared 1990 baseline. 

More than that it´s an inspiring story about on how 600 million tons of energy production leftovers - ash hills will be transformed to climate positive Calcium Carbonate. 

It´s a create example of using industrial leftovers and CCU/CCS technology to create valuable circular material flows what helps  to decrease the demand for mining virgin material 

(Source: Youtube)

Ministry of Environment Estonia

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