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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Seychelles.


Eco Tourism

“Beauty must always be protected”This is no different from the 150 tropical islands in Seychelles. New standards for ecotourism, setting aside 50% of the protected land, the highest from any country in the world.Experience the beauty of nature up close in many of the nature walks & trails and discover a world overflowing with many endemic species of flora and fauna.Enjoy your time in Paradise as close to nature as God intended. Seychelles truly is a destination for Eco-conscious travelers.

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Sustainable Fisheries

The fisheries sector needs to be cognisant of its impact on marine ecosystems. Seychelles takes this threat seriously and has sought to make relevant changes for sustainable fisheries.

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Blue Economy Strategic Roadmap


The Vallée de Mai is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seychelles and is one of the main attractions on the country's second-largest island, Praslin. Discover endemic plant and animal species as you walk along the paths within the park!

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Vallee de Mai National Park

Ocean Plastic

Early in 2019 a team from the Seychelles Islands Foundation and University of Oxford carried out a huge clean-up of the remote Indian Ocean atoll of Aldabra, clearing 25 tonnes of rubbish in five weeks. Its rare birds, turtles, and 150,000 giant tortoises are under threat from a deluge of ocean-driven trash. In August 2019 Sir Tim Smit of the Eden Project invited environmentalists from the Seychelles, Oxford, and Cornwall to gather at Eden to show what the paradise island can teach the world about the scourge of ocean plastic.

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Eden Project

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