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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Canada.


For the past several years, researchers from the Spencer Collection have been taking an inventory of the insect species found on the green roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

Over 230 species of insects, as well as several species of spiders, have already been found up on the roof including seven species of native ladybird beetles, at least twelve species of native bees, and a number of species new to our area. 

Identification of specimens is still ongoing and the total number of species is expected to increase.

(Source: Youtube)

Explorations on a roof

Eco Construction

Paula and Bill Lishman spent many winters in a poorly-insulated A-frame cabin before realizing they needed to go underground to use the earth’s energy to stay warm, so they knocked the top off a hill, dropped in ferro-cement domes, and covered it up again with dirt. 

(Source: Youtube)

Bill Lishman Dome House

Rooftop Farm

So many people are interested in local and organic food these days, but students from X University in Toronto have taken the movement one step further by converting a green roof on campus into an urban rooftop farm!  

As of 2017, they were producing 10,000 lbs of fresh fruits and veggies on their green roof. 

They sell the produce at a farmer's market, to CSA (community supported agriculture) customers, and they give some to the campus food room, which is a place where students can have access to free food.

(Source: Youtube)

Growing Food in the City


Experience the Canadian difference. Canada is a world leader in the sustainable management of fisheries and aquaculture. 

Canada is proud of its fisheries and aquaculture and exports quality fish and seafood products around the world.

(Source: Youtube)

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

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