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This page is a temporary page to share news and info about the circular economy, sustainability, eco-products & eco-services in Jordan.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is helping Jordan reduce its dependence on imported fuel. Until recently, such fuel generated 97 percent of the country’s power. This is changing. Within the next three years, Jordan aims to generate 20 percent of its power from renewable energy. This wind farm—which can power 80,000 homes—is at the forefront of the country’s push to transform itself into a clean-energy powerhouse. Video by Stephan Stephan Bachenheimer.

(Source: Youtube)


Build With Bottles

At Alia Ecovillage they build mud houses with bottles! Watch this video and find out more about this beautiful place and Khaleds vision. 

Alia Ecovillage is incorporated with the Masar Assoziation for environmental development CC which is part of the URI MENA network. 

Alia is an Ecovillage project functioning as environmental education, activism and advocacy hub combined with socio-economic development dimension. 

It is located at a small village in Al-Balqaa called Alia. 

(Source: Youtube)

Alia Eco Village

Drinking Water

Jordan is one of the most water-deprived countries in the world. 

Due to rapid population growth, climate change and declining natural resources, the country is suffering from water shortage. 

Together with their partners, GIZ faces the different challenges of the sector through various measures. 

GIZ is helping provide an adequate and stable water and wastewater management system and aims at providing the Jordanian population with sufficient water – now and in the future.

(Source: Youtube)



Poor waste disposal in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is widespread and becoming increasingly destructive towards the environment. 

This video features the recycling organisation BE Environmental Services, located in Amman, Jordan. 

They shared their goals, challenges and proposition towards correct waste management in their kingdom.

(Source: Youtube)

BE Environmental Services

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