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Posted 04/10/2020 in Category 1 by Peter Auwerx

Why Lead Generation Is Your Top Priority…

Why Lead Generation Is Your Top Priority…

Lead generation is one of the most popular topics in the marketing world. But what is it? Does it help? Can you use these techniques to generate more leads on Bookingbox? 

Even if you are a start-up or a big multinational, Lead Generation is the most common word used by marketing and management teams. Lead Generation is a key strategy to run your business. So what exactly is Lead Generation? 

What is a Lead?

A lead is a person who is interested in your products or services. A Lead can show interest on Bookingbox, through a direct email. Digital Marketing Solutions which direct traffic to your profile on Bookingbox, improve search engine rankings, and increase web referrals account to an astounding 93% of leads.

What is Online Lead Generation?

Lead Generation, as the most important part of Online Marketing, develops the interest of a possible consumer by presenting the information about your products or services. This can create an interest to find out more information and end up in a sale.

Some salespeople will only work through their own website to generate leads. This, of course, is not the only source of leads and clever salespeople will try the Bookingbox solution by using our Online Lead Generation Portal.

Businesses today are heavily depending on Lead Generation Portals since they generate more leads which may result in more conversions into Customers. This will help to increase the conversion rates of any business to gain huge profits in the process. 

Purchasing Leads on Bookingbox

When a client is interested in your products or services, you will receive a message from Bookingbox admin that you have a lead you can purchase.

You can click on the link, log in to your dashboard and review the lead. If you decide to purchase the lead you place the order and pay with your credit card.

You receive a link to the complete details of the purchased lead, including email and phone number.

If you decide not to purchase the lead, it will be offered to other Bookingbox members in your area.

You can Start Today!

Joining Bookingbox is easy. You click on “Join Today” and create a Basic Profile. You fill in the requested details and you will receive an email in your mailbox to confirm your email address.

Click on the link in the email and complete your profile. Enter text, pictures and video about your business, write a blog article and you are ready.

Clients will be able to find you... Start Selling!

Peter Auwerx, Bookingbox

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