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Posted 03/26/2020 in Category 1 by Peter Auwerx

Earth Day 2019; Time is Running Out …

Earth Day 2019; Time is Running Out …

"On the next Earth Day, in 2019, the time will come to look back and evaluate what you have done to make the world a cleaner place. Make sure you have something to show." (April 18, 2018)

Here we are, 1 Year after Earth Day 2018 ... when I wrote an article about the past, present and future of our environment.

A lot has changed in the last 12 months ... the situation has become worse ...

All over the world governments, private companies, non-profit organizations and individuals are searching for solutions to stop further pollution of our environment. New laws are being introduced, productions processes altered and new ideas tested.

The good effect of all this is a growing global awareness that time is running out...

Some have spoken out in the media;

Others have been working on solutions to reduce the sources of waste.

What Can I Do?

I asked myself; *What can i do? ... So i joined the Circular Economy Club and started the local CEC branch in Preston UK, where i work together with like-minded people from the Chamber Low Carbon to create awareness.

"The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the international network of over 3,100 members from over 100 countries. CEC’s activity is global, non-profit and free to join. CEC’s mission is to bring the circular economy to every corner of the world."

What Can You Do?

Last year I asked a simple question; "What can you do?"

This year we evaluate and therefore I ask this question to all of you, over and over again ...

I will publish a series of short replies to this questionnaire with your vision about the topics I wrote about last year ;

“How did we get ourselves in this situation?"

What went wrong in the Past?

How do you see the present?

How do you see the Future?

What is your Company or employer doing?

What can You do?

Set a date to evaluate!

If you would like to join, please answer these questions and email them back to me or post a comment below this article.

Peter Auwerx, Bookingbox

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