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Posted 11/19/2021 in Category 1 by Peter Auwerx

Handmade Wildflower seed bombs to attract bees & butterflies

The Prickle Parlour United Kingdom
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‘What is a seed bomb?’
The compost and clay act as a carrier for the seeds so they can be launched onto open soil.  ‘But what is the point? Why can’t you just throw seeds loose?’ Most seeds are very light and there is risk of them being blown away by the wind, making them unsuitable for launching long distances.

‘How do they work?’
After about three weeks the first seedlings work their way through the seedbomb and root into the ground below. The seedlings will then grow into mature plants and face whatever conditions Mother Nature has in store for them. As they grow, more seeds germinate and the seedbomb begins to dissolve. This can take days, weeks or months – it depends on the quantity of rainfall. Seeds will remain dormant until their environmental needs are met with these factors: water, correct temperature and a good position to grow in.

Help bring the bees & butterflies back to the UK. Our Seed Bombs contain 30 species of wildflower. 

Our seed balls are handmade with clay and soil to support & protect the seeds as they germinate. Re-create a beautiful wildflower meadow in your garden. 

The compost helps germinate to create a beautiful colourful wildflower meadow. 

To use, you just need a clear patch of soil outside. Place the ball on top of the soil and let mother nature take care of the rest. Each bag contains 8 seed bombs and can be used throughout the year.  The bombs are coloured using food dye/soap dye.

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