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Posted 05/20/2020 in Category 1

Brazil Franchise Manager

Bookingbox Ltd UK Brazil
Start Date 10/30/2020
Brazil Franchise Manager

Bookingbox Ltd is an Information Technology & Services Provider, specialised in the creation of an Eco-Friendly Lead Generation Network.

Experts in the Circular Economy, Sustainability, Providers of Services and Producers of Products that will contribute to a more eco-friendly World, can become a member and present themselves to a worldwide audience . 

We offer 3 levels of membership, each with connected services.

More info on this page; https://www.bookingbox.com/join

We’re looking for a Franchise Manager for Brazil with experience in social media marketing, digital sales and field sales.

Your task will be to research and select Suitable Members for the Bookingbox Network in your area.

Suitable members are Providers of Services and Producers of Products in the following categories; Agriculture - Asset Management - Circular Economy - Eco-Travel - Education - Eco-Fashion - Eco-Housing - Transport - Recycling - Re-Use - Refurbishing - Urban Mining - Reforestation - Waste Management - Water Management...

Next to that we are presenting eco-friendly businesses from Brazil, who are using eco-friendly guidelines in the production or sales of their products and services.


Please fill out the form on our website to submit your details: https://www.bookingbox.com/about/contact

We will contact you if your profile has been selected for further interviews.


  • Work from home opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Commission Based Earnings

Satisfaction Promise

We'll always connect you with the best eco-friendly businesses that meet your specific needs.


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