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Claim Your Business

The best way to manage your Business on Bookingbox is by claiming your Bookingbox member page and creating a member login. It's a great, easy way to engage the Bookingbox community.

After claiming your business page, you'll  be able to:

  • Work from Home with the right tools to receive leads or orders.
  • Complete your Biography or your Business Information.
  • Publish Product listings to show your Products and Services.
  • Add photos about your Business and Products.
  • Add Video to show your Products and Promotions.
  • Add Events, online or offline.

More on how to claim

To begin the claim process, click the "Claim your Business" button. Follow the easy steps to select your membership plan and create your member account. 

Free Discovery membership is only for people surfing and discovering our site.

To get visibility for your profile, your Products, and your Services, you can choose the Eco Starter membership. 

You can upgrade to Eco Booster, Eco Booster Pro, Eco Master Express, or Eco Master Pro account.

To verify that you are the owner of your Business, Bookingbox will place your membership on hold until we get an email or phone confirmation. You will not be able to manage your account until we receive this confirmation.