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Posted 03/26/2020 in Category 1 by Flor Depla

The connecting-meaning society.

The connecting-meaning society.

The connecting-meaning society.  

A new development model with as starting point: 

Looking back into the future. 



 way of analysing the past, to grab today and understanding the future.  

By dissecting the past, chaos can get a point of rest. 

By accepting our senses and even embracing them, we can create an openness. And through that openness we can open our heart to the future. 

But first of all let us understand that we are all unique. Each and everyone is unique, the unique self.  

The value of every unique person is something completely different than being equal.  


In order to create a sustainable future, we must understand the value of not only every unique individual, but also of material and matter. This has to do with what I would like to call the big heart. 


To understand we need also to express ourselves in a sustainable way. Let me explain you, today we talk about the climate problem, well the climate is not the problem, the climate is simple the climate.  

The global warming with all the consequences in the first place for human being is a problem, will we survive as specimen?  

An other example of language alienation. Thousands of people  go each day to war, as work and languages culture became warzones. Deadlines – War for talent – strategy – operating officers – executive officers … and so many more. This is war language, nobody wants it and yet, with resignation, thousands of people go to war every day.  

And that hurts. The story is about ’love’. Evolution is seeking for more intimacy. ‘Cosmo – Erotic – Love’ 

We feel so much pain that we close our hearts off this extreme pain. Notice that this is happening all over the world.  

So we must look, search for extreme love, and extreme love is not ordinary! It’s Amor and not Eros.  

In extreme pain and chaos it’s always the Amor that gives an openness. 


When a catastrophe happens and we do not now if our beloved is hurt, we try to phone, and when the other takes the phone, the first thing we mostly say is ‘ I Love you’. You may find on internet a lot of examples, for example the catastrophe that happened with the twin towers.  

In our greatest fear it’s always about loving.  

So we are all unique but…  

Most of my presentations start with: 


‘A poplar never grows alone,  

The stronger the row, 

the stronger each individual poplar 


The stronger each individual poplar the stronger the row.  

The poplar as imagery for humans, people who are  also part of nature, it is a way to explain that an individual can never stand alone, and that strong societies also bring out strong individuals. But a poplar also has ground with the ground, the subsurface, with the sky, the rain and the sun. But also with the insects that live on it and the birds that build their nests in it. The poplar is therefore part of nature in its full context. 

So there is an eco-system. 

However, the meaning of the poplar or unique individual in context of the row is clearly society.  

And our society is nowadays as biological relations as not biological relations. In the smallest form 2 persons living together, than you have a small residential community, a village, a city, a country or a state and only then do we come to talk about ‘society’. Only then! 

We are all unique, we are all related in one way or another. 

They are all forms of love that we could be open to. 

Why is it so important to talk about this?  

What kind of future society do we want? And above all, do we want to be people or consumers, do we want to be unique in a group or do we want to be slaves? Addicted slaves? Do we want to be played apart or are we looking for real and not fake connections with each other? Which society models do we want? Do we want democracy? or a renewed form thereof? or do we want a society formed by multinationals? And what are the places of the individual, the community, the small businesses, the multinationals. What kind of organisations will rule the societies?  


So it’s about how we can live together.  


How can we work together. 

What is the place of the individual and the place of the group? 

What is the place of consumption and the free person? 

Is there still room for authentic rituals or does the consumption take over? 

What is the place of art and science, development? 


I hope that one day we will start conversations, and that just like me, you will feel that the new society model, the new way of creating, working and living will ultimately be about the ‘Added Value’ for people physically and mentally and with attention for the planet and the cosmos.  

I have already sketched it a bit, but to seize the future we need to understand our past.  

We live in a time of Babylonian confusion. Chaos, dear people, chaos is of all times and here I come back to our great love 

In our confusion we have crushed our love and put it away. Because it hurts too much, because we  

No longer know how to deal with it.  

This gives ‘loneliness’.  

The crisis that we are experiencing now will give us a new form of ‘love’.  


More about that in one of the following blogs 

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