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Posted 04/14/2020 in Category 3 by Flor Depla

Reusable, protective and ecological mouth masks by Bamboo Belgium

Reusable, protective and ecological mouth masks by Bamboo Belgium

Reusable, protective and ecological mouth masks by Bamboo Belgium


Mouth masks made of bamboo satin,

Why Using Bamboo instead of cotton?


·     Our skin and mucous membranes is covered by a layer of bacteria, known as the ‘commensal flora’, covers our skin and ‘mucous membranes’. By giving those bacteria the most optimal conditions, such as a warm and humid mask, they will grow faster and spread an unpleasant smell.

·     Therefore bamboo on its own is an anti-bacterial product

·      By placing an additional layer of good bacteria on the tissue, the chance of development of unsavory smell is strongly reduced, making the masks remaining fresh much longer and as a result, they can be used many more consecutive hours. 

How could this be explained?

·     Imagine a soccer game, were all seats are taken and there’s no more room for additional fans. So we fill all seats or places with good bacteria instead.
That makes the masks fresher to wear.

·     Tested and proven to prevent contamination.
The bamboo mask is ecological degradable, no unnecessary waste. Besides the soft and fresh material, the natural anti-bacterial features are a given.




·Preventive masks to protect yourself and others in offices and non-medical work floors.
Viruses are passed from human to human via the ‘drop effect’. That means that you can get infected via contact with drops of aerosols  (macroscopic droplets) during sneezing or coughing. The mask that you’re wearing catches the virus, which results in a reduced spread of the virus.

·These masks can be washed up to a hundred times, preferably with probiotic products.

·They fit close on the skin.

·The closing method is with four straps to knops them on the backside of the head, what it even makes it possible to wear them with glasses and remain at all time stables.

·There are made in such a way that you even can put a filter of your choice, in the sleeve under need.


Bamboo Belgium:


·Sustainable Belgian brand with production in Portugal

· A company widely concerned about reducing Carbon Footprint and Social Fair-trade

·Bamboo is an anti-allergic, anti-bacterial product

·The bamboo plant grows on skimpy ground without the need for supplementary irrigation or pesticides

·Bamboo is a tree, not a grass. Did you know that bamboo absorbs 5 times more oxygen from the air than trees growing on a similar hight. Bamboo releases up to 35% more oxygen. It goes without saying that it has a positive result on the greenhouse effect.

·Bamboo does not spread nasty smells and the satin feeling is most comfortable for long hours of working.

·For Bamboo Belgium, it is only normal that all production staff gets a fair compensation for their work and efforts. This means that often wages exceeding the regulated minimum wages are granted to the workers. Bamboo Belgium is from the opinion that the payout should be sufficient to cover housing, nutrition, schools and healthcare for each person from development till end product.


Tariffs and delivery terms:


 White, Ecru, New Navy or Black+ VAT and Transport cost

10 pieces € 7,60 adults and € 6,60 kids

50 pieces € 6,60 adults and €5,60 kids

100 pieces € 5,60 adults and € 4,60 kids

500 pieces € 4,60 and 3,60 kinds

1000 pieces € 4,30 and €3,30 kids

5000 pieces € 4 and € 3 kids

Prints possibile with coast

Ecru = digital

Navy or Black = transfer print

500 pieces € 0,40

1000 pieces € ,30

5000 pieces gratis

minimum order 500 masks or with agreement

After getting in touch with us you will be provided with details and payment possibilities.

Also we can do larger quantities price remain the same.


·Contact Flor Depla flor@intens.be      

·Fast delivery in case of sufficient stock

Please don’t forget that Bamboo Belgium also provides a large product range of clothes, nightclothes, underwear and home wear for male and female, as well as a full range of kids clothing. Bedsheets can be produced on demand.

We also can deliver logo’s and corporate clothing on request.

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All our bamboo products are fully cradle-to-cradle, sustainable in the most possible way.


The future is yours to create

Bamboo is good for you and even the whole environement

Inside view of the factory and production

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