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Posted 02/26/2021 in Category 1 by Bookingbox Blogs

A short story about action for the environment...

A short story about action for the environment...

I went for a walk and after some miles, I started feeling hungry. I opened my backpack and took out a snack. That snack was covered in a wrapper. I removed the wrapper and started eating my snack.

Let's stop here for a moment...

The wrapper I removed was made out of plastic and will end up in the bin.

But not everyone is so eco-minded and in the worst-case scenario, the wrapper is just dropped on the ground...

Did you know that this kind of litter can be found almost everywhere now?

There is a good solution to remove this litter:

Take a look at Litterati.org

A useful app where you can use your smartphone to photograph s piece of litter, discard it properly & tag the photo, invite or challenge others and use litter data to inspire change.

Now I go out for a walk and take my litter picker and a binbag with me to collect the litter I find.

Sad to say that I return home every time with a full bin bag.

We need to change our ways to save our environment.


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